A Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub, Which is Better?

Scrubs are used to exfoliate your skin, make it feel softer, and look fresher. Choose either a salt scrub or sugar scrub. You can purchase either scrub at a store. You can even opt to make yourself a homemade scrub. Which scrub should you use?

The main difference between a salt scrub or sugar scrub is the size of the granules. Salt particles are larger than sugar particles. That makes a salt scrub more abrasive. Salt can scratch and irritate your skin. You should never use a salt scrub on your face.

Another factor when choosing a salt scrub or sugar scrub is the overall effect on your body. Salt kills bacteria and fungus. Salt is a natural antiseptic. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells by abrasion and it’s glycolic acidity. A sugar scrub won’t burn your freshly shaven skin as a salt scrub would. Sugar will leave your skin incredibly soft and smooth.

Overall, use both, a salt scrub or a sugar scrub. Use a salt scrub more regularly. It exfoliates your skin while destroying bacteria. Use a sugar scrub on your face and on more sensitive areas of your body. A salt scrub or a sugar scrub are two natural ingredients that will do wonders for your skin

Stay in Shape like a Celebrity

homefitnessintelWhen a person gets out of shape, the only logical way to get back into shape is exercising and doing it regularly. You can try a lot of exercises that will help you lose weight but for most of us, working out outdoors can be much effective than working out in a controlled space like a gym.  But when the weather prohibits that, like when winter hits. Your training might not be as effective as when you are running or doing elliptical indoors than when you are running outside. No need to worry! If done right, you can get more out of your exercise indoors just like some celebrities out there that are clearly in shape like Hugh Jackman, Adriana Lima and Rihanna just to name a few.

You should capitalize on being stationary by mixing it up. Using a treadmill places your heart rate and pace statistics just right at your fingertips, giving your direct command of your speed and pace. First you can always try an “anything goes” workout: increasing the incline for the first run then activate quads, hamstrings and calves as you go downhill. Then end it with a testing uphill run that will pick up the pace. Because professionals say that if someone runs at 1% incline but the other mixes it up – and runs on a 1% – 3% incline on a hilly path – the person who is running an “anything goes” workout will have much more fun than the other and ultimately get a much better workout.

Create a better flow by not going all out on your exercise. Pushing yourself to the limit is one thing, but you can get a better workout if you just keep in touch to what your body can provide you at that that moment. This also decreases the risks of injury. For example, if you are coming from a tough trail run on a treadmill and following it up with another uphill run workout, this will cause nothing but more fatigue and damage to your muscles. Instead, you can do high intensity workout in between easy and moderate workouts to avoid negative effects on your body and maximize returns of the exercise.

On the other hand we have ellipticals. This however is probably the most used and at the same time, most misused machine in the gym. After all, a ton of people just hop on the elliptical machine and just hammer away. You might start sweating, get your heart rate up and then you think you can shed those excess pounds? If you are doing it right then you probably might otherwise you might not be taking advantage of the machine’s potential.

Trainers of Rebecca Romijn, Aisha Taylor and Giada De Laurentiis say that this machine is a powerhouse among cardio equipment because it will make you use a lot of muscles while you are on it. The machine targets your glutes, calves, quads and hamstrings but also pushes you to work on your arms, chest and back if used properly. Of course, if you use more muscles, the more calories you are burning. Again, if done right, you will be getting that celebrity body you have always wanted.

Celebrities Who Sew

silentromance sosewFamous and influential people are like just like you and me. Doing normal things and normal activities in between their lives as normal people and being famous. The current President Obama likes to play basketball during his free time. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey likes to go surfing and cycling but to some, they prefer a much more relaxing and slow type of activity like sewing or specifically quilting. It is just odd that not a lot people know that their favorite stars and celebrities have gone into quilting.

Maybe it is not that exciting or intense like other kinds of hobbies, but it is kind of refreshing to know that some celebrities are not that into the outdoors which is very relatable to a lot of folks out there and it allows them to create a connection with their idols. Here are some celebrities that that got into sewing or quilting.

Elizabeth Taylor – as one of the greatest screen actresses of all time and as one of the most famous film stars ever, this British – American lady has been seen with a needle in thread enjoying quilting.

Melissa Gilbert – this actress – slash – director, had claimed to want to make a quilt of her own. No one has confirmed if she already made it but her interest in sewing will really keep us interested.

John Lennon – the man that needs no introduction was seen with a sewing machine once. Maybe he is giving sewing a chance. Lots of enthusiasts would love to see his work. Too bad, we lost this great man back in 1980 after being shot.

Britney Spears – this highly popular, multi award winning pop star of the current era of music, has been very hands on with her work especially in her outfits. She was seen handling a machine with her design team and you can clearly see her works on stage when she performs.

Emma Watson – an English actress, model and even an activist. She has been seen engaging in to a lot of activities including sewing. She might not do it as a hobby or a business but she is using to promote fair trade and empowering working class women in other countries, specifically third world countries that need aide. Recently, she was seen in Bangladesh manning a sewing machine to promote a fair trade company that has 200 women working as seamstresses. She is clearly using her influence to promote women empowerment in the labor sector.

Eva Longoria – an American actress, model, director, producer, activist, businesswoman and most especially a mother. She was seen making her own costumes for her children right in time for Halloween. To some regular people, seeing this is really touching that even someone who is so busy, just like any other person out there, Miss Longoria can still find some time to sit down and sew and attend to her children’s Halloween costumes. Which can very tedious, by the way. Knowing all the details of a good Halloween costume will take time and experience and apparently Eva Longoria got it under control.

If you have plans on getting into the same hobby as any of these stars, you should start by finding the right sewing machine for quilting. If you’re not particularly fond of making quilting, you can always check out sosewreviews.com for a wider range of sewing projects.

Start Your Path to Looking like Megan Fox with the GM Diet

silent romance gmdietYou might have stocked up a little bit too much weight over the holidays last year and since its winter, you cannot go out and do some running or cycling. Well, good thing all is not lost for you to get that Megan Fox type of body you once had. This is a good opportunity for you to try dieting and one quick effective diet you can try is the General Motors diet. The General Motors diet is a popular diet recommended by a lot of dietitians worldwide. Some people who tried it, swears that they have lost 2-7 kilos in a week.  If done right, then you can probably lose more than the promised 2-7 kilos a week and here is how you do it;

Eat fruits the first day. You can eat as much fruit as you can and any kind except bananas. It is highly suggested you stick with fruits that has a lot of water content like Watermelons and Cantaloupes.

Second day, this it is vegetable day. It is recommended you eat any vegetable that you want, as much as you can until you are full. Cook or uncooked, it is fine. No limits on amount and type of vegetable. Best avoid cooking it with any kind of oil, either coconut, vegetable or canola. No oil at all. Best to have a large boiled potato in the morning for breakfast.

Third day is mixed day. Contrary to the past couple of days that you can only have either fruit of veggies, well today you can have fruits and vegetables of your choice at the same time. You can have any amount or quantity. Have them until you are full. Cooked or uncooked, either way it is fine. But still no bananas nor potatoes.

On the fourth day, you can have bananas and milk. Today you can eat as much as eight to nine bananas and you can drink at least three glasses of warm or cold milk. On top of that, you can have a bowl of vegetable soup.

On your fifth day, you should have one cup of steamed rice. You have to have at least six whole tomatoes and have at least twelve glasses of mineral water to purge your body of the excess uric acids you have been building up for the past few days in this diet.

On the sixth day, you are back on vegetables. But also have at least one cup of rice with the cooked or uncooked vegetables. Any vegetables will do. Also it doesn’t matter what is the amount of veggies.

On the last day of the week, eat more veggies. The food that you will be eating will consist of just one cup of steamed rice, pure fruit juice and all the vegetables you want to eat.

By the eighth day, you will have at least lost eight kilos compared to a week ago. If you want to lose more weight, then be on the same diet again. You can do this as often as you want. However, it is advised that you give it a three day break before going into the diet again.

Crossbows Prove a Celebrity Favorite at SHOT Show

silent romance crossbowsThe SHOT Show is one of the biggest if not THE biggest event of its kind on earth today. But what do you expect if you are organizing the best and biggest thing of its kind on this planet? Celebrities. Lots of them. They will flock your event because if you are rich and famous, you want to be a part of the best. And outdoor shows like SHOT is one of them, if you happen to not know what the SHOT Show is, it is a trade show dedicated to Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade. Hence the name. This show is not open to the public but this will not stop your favorite celebrity from getting in especially if the best crossbows today are on display. As of late the crossbow’s popularity have been on the rise, like the Parker Brand and popular people have it on their radars as well so this show is a good opportunity to go and take a look what manufacturers have in store for these famous people:

Shawn Michaels – the great, hall of famer and WWE Legend. Known for his acts inside the squared circle but fans don’t have a clue that Shawn Michaels is also passionate about crossbows and the outdoors. He even have a show on TV showcasing river adventures.

Hickok45 – this online celebrity, who runs a drama free show on YouTube about shooting. He is at the show among the crossbows but also for the guns. You can find him with the Federal Premium Ammunition. When you approach him, he’ll probably talk to you about shooting and his favorite products. He is that passionate.

Jackie Bushman – not only as the host of the show “Buckmasters”, he is also a part of a team. The Gamo Outdoors Team and on the show he led the reveal of their new products and handed out goody bags to fans and buyers alike.

Ted Nugent – besides being a popular, music legend; Ted Nugent is also a gun, enthusiast and hosting a show “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild”. Besides being at the SHOT Show, he also performed at the 15th Annual Golden Moose Awards this year.

John Godwin – popularly known as the “Walrus” from his hit TV show “Duck Dynasty”. Other than attending to check out the crossbows, he also represented the team by showing up at the SHOT Show 2015 and told the reporters his disappointment of missing a part of the duck season for the show. Serious or joking, they all know seeing all the crossbows and guns, the SHOT show is well worth it.

Craig Morgan – this famous country singer was drawn by the bows, ironically. But his main business at the show is to promote his own show titled, “Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors”. On top of that he also presented a few awards at the 15th Annual Golden Moose Awards.

Bear Pascoe – this famous athlete who was part of the 2012 Super Bowl Championship team and now the current tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, is at the show to represent Team Weatherby. A group of spokesmen for the company.

Recurve Bows Draw Celebrity Attention at SHOT Show

silent romanc recurvebowsIn today’s world, when technology is forcing a lot of people inside their homes for their daily needs. Like banking, shopping, entertainment etc. Surprisingly, outdoor activities are on the rise. Like sports and other outdoor activities. A part of this surge is thanks to when your favorite celebrity are in on the same activity as well. One these activities is related to hunting, and one essential staple of the sport hunting are bows. Like crossbows, compound bows and the ever trusty, recurve bows. Annually there is a show that is being held that is dedicated to Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade hence the name SHOT show. It showcases stuff for hunting, shooting and firearms by different manufacturer and it is the biggest of its kind in the world. But the show is only for the ones involved in the trade and also the press. Specifically for commercial buyers for military, law enforcement. Again, it is not open to the general public. But the main focus of this article is that surprisingly the recurve bows on the SHOT show had drawn celebrity attention as of late, which in turn drew the attention of normal people as well. So who are these celebrities and why their attention so crucial to the show and the recurve bows.

Drake White – a country musician who popularized the song “Simple Life”. Which also played at the SHOT Show at the ATK shooting booth.

Julie Golob – which is a popular in the shooting scene was also in the event and dropped by to check out the  recurve bows. She even shared her techniques in shooting with the fans.

Fred Eicher – this famous celebrity which is hosting the show “Predator Nation” is also an American hunting icon. He is the very first person to collect all of the 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow. So basically it is a no brainer that he is at this show highlighting the recurve bow. He even has his own booth to answer questions from fans and provide autographs.

Sarah Palin – everybody knows who she is, the former governor of Alaska and a former worker in the Salvation Army’s program about hunting fishing and feeding. She really knows a lot about the outdoors and hunting and shooting bows.

Colonel Danny McKnight – a war veteran who served the United States Army, fought and seen combat in Panama back in 1989 and Somalia in 1993 his time in the field even inspired the book and the hit movie “Black Hawk Down”. This is man is no stranger to weapons.

Theresa Vail – on the sweeter and lighter side of celebrities in attendance, we have Former Miss Kansas. Do not let this beauty fool you because she is also an active person, so active that she is a Sergeant in the National Guard. Besides the recurve bows, she is also promoting her show “Limitless with Theresa Vail”.

Shawn Michaels – to top of this list, there was the one and the only, WWE Legend and Hall of Famer, HBK Shawn Michaels. Out to promote a show titled “Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures.”